Begin to Begin

Eva Recacha’s Begin to Begin: a piece about dead ends sets in motion a rhyme about dying, playing with the idea of mortality to make it profound, yet unfrightening.

The work is based on a dirge; a song for the dead. Recacha creates her own mourning song based on the nonsensical familiar rhyme Michael Finnegan. Michael becomes the figure we mourn, and with him, memories that belong to our childhood are buried and left behind. Michael is a celebration of all that we once had, and his funeral must be joyous, singular and repeated for each of us.

Choreographer: Eva Recacha Sound: Alberto Ruiz Lighting Design: Gareth Green Costumes: Eleanor Sikorski Dancers: Juan Corres Benito, Lola Maury, Eleanor Sikorski

Commissioned by and Finalist  of the Place Prize for Dance sponsored by Bloomberg.

Photo by Benedict Johnson

Photo by Benedict Johnson


“meticulously crafted, beautifully performed”

       Judith Mackrell, The Guardian

“highly composed movement vocabulary which explores, very beautifully, notions of weight and collapse”

       Luke Jennings, The Observer

“A brilliant interrogation of form”
       Lindsey Winship, TimeOut

“Best of 2011”

       Lindsey Winship, TimeOut

“a powerful and thought provoking work”

       Graham Watts,