The Picnic

a collaboration with The Yonis

Visit: The Picnic Padlet


The Picnic will be a dreamlike celebration: You know it is a celebration all along but you don’t get to the fully fleshed feel of the celebration until the end. Like in Chronicle of a foretold death by G.G. Marquez. The work is not in the discovery of what will come, but in getting there, in uncovering the steps that led to it. In patiently going through the triggers without the shot being fired. And then when you get there, it is maybe not as you had expected it to be. There will be a sense of surreality mixed with familiarity. Of excitement mixed with placidity. Of hectic activity mixed with serenity. Of commonality mixed with oddity.


Political Context: On the third day of us meeting to work in the studio to start developing ideas about for The Picnic March 2021 the body of Sarah Everard was found. Conversations about her, what had happened to her and how we felt about it started appearing. We talked about what we did to feel safe, and how we felt about acting on our fears of becoming a victim. We talked about safety for women. We talked about education, about sexism, about Reclaimthestreets. We talked about the vigils. As I looked at the development of the work, I slowly noticed our gathering found a common endeavour underpinned by this tragedy and how we felt about it. (Eva)