EASY RIDER (previously Life and Other Games II)


EASY RIDER TRAILER from Eva Recacha on Vimeo.
A new work to be premiered in Spring 2014. Current R&D mentored by Rui Horta. Residencies at The Place and Espaço do Tempo.


R&D workshop 1small from Eva Recacha on Vimeo.


day 1
The space is ready  to be transformed and turned into a specific location. There are different basic scenery props that we can try out and shuffle around, giving form and specificity to our performance space. There is a technician that also helps us create the desired/imagined environment tailoring the technical equipment and its placement to our needs.
day 2
After a day of trying out different spatial arrangements, I have taken into account both flat planes of the stage area (the floor and back wall), following Rui Horta's suggestion. The space looks definitely 3-dimensional now and there is dialogue between the two perpendicular planes. I have placed Alberto on the back wall, raised above our heads, as if he inhabited a space floating above the world. And to enhance this idea I have projected a sky image below him. It amuses us that he looks a little god-like.
day 3
Alberto is set in a big podium against the back wall, covered by a cloth in front (where images are projected) and curtains to the sides. He looks suspended and the back area gains depth with his presence. The floor has a road pattern connecting Alberto with the faraway downstage Right corner, where a set of steps with a tree on top faces the audience. The tree has immediately prompted me the idea of a tree keeper, and from that an idea has evolved for a shrine keeper. The road is the pilgrims road to the shrine, and from the shrine to heaven. We spent time travelling along the road and exploring rituals around the tree. 
The tree will be the place where the dancers gather to celebrate different forms of rituals. The pathway will be a place for haphazard and hard work.
So far we have evolved different scenes that we have called:
-Noah's arch entrance
-Yes you, not me
-No, no, no!
-Caring journey down the road
-Yes We Can into chapel singing
day 4
We have explored through improvisation notions of ecstasy and trance. We have also reproduced some improvisations we did earlier inspired by Mexican Ex-voto imagery and narratives, investing in creating sound and movement textures. 
We have started incorporating microphones and some pre-recorded sounds we have from previous research. In the afternoon we have tried the new projection. It is clear that this will need to be worked on to create an image that can truly dialogue with the action of the dancers.
day 5
We have worked on a section of the pilot, putting together some of the new scenes. We have been working on a lifting section that will be included in the pilot.
We have started a new section developing the bouncing motion motif from previous research and giving it an overall dramatic arc. We need to do more improvisations around this and then work hard at fixing the movement material with sophistication and craft. This might need to wait till the actual production since it is very time consuming.
day 6
Everybody rests and I plan a structure for the pilot.
I make a list of questions or concerns that will need answers or solutions in the production of the final work:
I need more attention to detail. More variety and development within each section.
I need slower transformations instead of transitions. Some are abrupt.
How do all the different games relate structurally?
Are there too many different languages?
How to build up the story with small stories (dramaturgy). 
Am I talking about the same thing with all different stories? How do they create a cohesive whole?
day 7
We have explored solo speeches. We need to develop more texts to make this and the dialogues we have been trying out successful.
It is clear that a big part of the final production will be spent working at movement craft.The texts can be worked before rehearsals start. 
We have set up curtains and final lights and decided on a structure for tomorrow's public sharing.
day 8
Public Sharing
day 9
Following feedback we have spent time deepening our voice-movement explorations (so far not specific enough) and refine the vocabulary we are using. This work is just the beginning of what it is to come in terms of craft.
I have started reflecting upon the overall arc of the work. 
I feel I have found the imagery and the themes  I need to talk about the subject matter that interests me, and the draft pilot has served the purpose of understanding how to treat these. Now I need to work hard at crafting and composing.   
day 10
Feedback from Rui Horta:
Zoom out. For the final work do less but in more depth.
Go to the very bottom of my cultural experience. Do not encompass anything else in the work. That is rich and powerful.
Work in isolation with the dancers on developing their solo material.
The shrine is good. Discussion of ideas about how to treat this image for the final production.
Great to have the sound designer as a god like figure. The DJ is a god. The tree is a god. Popular culture is god. Nature is god. What are our gods nowadays? Good dialogue in the work amongst all these perspectives. Contemporary vision of religion.
Discussion of different modes of production to exit the limitations of UK based independent work.
Discussion for further development of set design and lighting for the final show.
Importance of the idea of fake in the work. Good we hear the piano playing without pianist. Can work more ideas that expose the fact that all you see is a fake construction that cannot be trusted.
Flora must have the best solo at the end one can imagine. 
Top dancing. Top talking, Top everything.
Rui Horta has invited me to return to Espaço Do Tempo in 2013 to finalise my production and show the final work in performance.

Residency at The Place 16th-20th April 2012
Creative team: Eva Recacha (choreographer) Antonio de la Fe, Lola Maury, Eleanor Sikorski (dancers), Alberto Ruiz Soler (sound designer).

Residency at Espaço do Tempo 30th May-10th June 2012
Creative team: Eva Recacha (choreographer) Juan Corres Benito, Antonio de la Fe, Lola Maury, Eleanor Sikorski, Flora Wellesley-Wesley (dancers), Alberto Ruiz Soler (sound designer).

Public Sharing at Espaço do Tempo, Montemor-o-Novo (PT) 7th June 2012 at 1pm
EASY RIDER is a pilgrimage into a land filled with promises and dreams. Heavily inspired by the Spanish Holy Easter processions, the work will take you on a surreal and passionate trip of different rituals and forms of devotion.

Public Sharing at the Place 13th June 2012 at 3pm
A short pilot will be performed after the Portugal residency.
13th June, The Place, studios 1&2, 3pm. Free but booking needed.
If you want to attend please contact us.

Workshop I for participants at the Place
Creative Team: Eva Recacha (workshop leader), Lola Maury and Eleanor Sikorski (company dancers) and Alberto Ruiz Soler (sound designer). Participants: Martine Painter, Daniela Moline, Pawel Sakowicz, Evagelia Chatzaki, Emily Thomson, Konstantinos papamatthaiakis, Giannis Tsigkris, Rebecca Thomas, Angeliki.

Workshop II for participants at the Place 16th-17th June 2012
Currently recruiting participants. Please contact us.
(The workshop is now fully booked. You can put your name down for the waiting list. Updated 8th June)

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