Two characters explore different relationships between movement and words, creating a surreal blend of fiction and the ordinary as they discover what's next.

Supported by National Lottery through Arts Council England and by COACHWERKS residency programme.

Story Lines is a dance work that blends movement and text, shifting between the ordinary and the surreal by means of rhythm. The work presents two individuals moving through different loops of material. As if caught in time, they travel in endless circles going back to situations already visited. The rhythmic patterns create a playful platform for them to develop absurd strings of events.

Performed with impeccable precision by dancers Lola Maury and Antonio de la Fe, and drawing on influences such as Beckett, Ionesco, and the films of Buster Keaton, Story Lines indulges in the joy of physical comedy mixed with theatre of the Absurd, in a context that gets darker as the piece goes on.

“(…) Eva Recacha Garcia's choreography was executed with pitch perfect precision by her dancers Antonio de la Fe and Lola Maury. Combining verbal and physical dialogue, the duo regress and progress through the fragmented tale of a girl, a boy, and a line. Their performance, slipping between the movement and its attendant emotions with a light touch and fluidity, was both animated and poignant.”
Fiona Campbell, Resolution! Reviews

18th-19th December 2009, Coachwerks, Brighton
15th January 2010, Resolution! at the RHDT, London
23rd April 2010, Greenwich Dance Agency, London
16th May 2010, 40th Anniversary, The Place, London
1st May 2010, Trip the Light Fantastic Toe at The Others, London
6th June 2010, Getting Personal Festival at Coachwerks, Brighton
26th&27th June 2012, LCDS Postgraduate Alumni Show at the Place, London

Choreography and Text: Eva Recacha