The Wishing Well

Finalist of the Place Prize 2013.
The Wishing Well was commissioned for The Place Prize for dance sponsored by Bloomberg.

"I can't wait to see it again in the Finals"
One Stop Arts (Erin Johnson)

Video Entry 2012. Dancer in the video Eva Recacha

The Wishing Well is a space inhabited with dreams. For the person who enters it, it can be full of possibilitites or full of rejection. In it, one can devise a thousand strategies to be heard, but in the end, one can only hope.

Place Prize Performances at the Robin Howard Dance Theatre
Preview: 13th September 2012
Semifinal: 22nd September 2012
Finals: 17th-27th April 2013.

Choreography and Text: Eva Recacha
Sound Composer: Alberto Ruiz Soler
Performer: Martha Passakopoulou
Ligthing Designer/Technical Manager: Gareth Green
Assisstant to the choreographer: Lola Maury


"full of observations and insights into the nature of hope"
Writing About Dance-Nicholas Minns

"the piece was filled with passion, repetition and ritual"
CriticalDance Forum

"Pasakopoulou is exquisite"
"I can’t wait to see it again in the finals"
One Stop Arts-Erin Johnson

"this was a rich work and Recacha is a talent to watch"
londondance-Jeffrey Gordon Baker

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