Residency in Bassano del Grappa with Simon Ellis

A human being as a commodity.
See him dance for you.
See him fulfil your desires.
He's at your disposal.
He's at your mercy.



Easy Rider, reflects upon faith, tradition and delusion. Eva Recacha looks at the human compulsion to engage with superstitious beliefs and practices in the pursuit of happiness. Creating a concoction of religion, customs and self-help manuals.
In Easy Rider, Eva draws on first-hand observations of ritualistic behaviour in her native Spain. Much like her Place Prize Finals 2013 piece, Easy Rider is a theatrical rite, an unraveling of the pure essence of our need to belong. It reflects our own beliefs and passions in a raw and haunting way.

Review: Conviction and Daring in Eva Recacha's Easy Rider
‘Recacha is a talent to watch’ londondance.com
Visit the Easy Rider blog
This event is part of Spring Loaded 2014. Visit The Place website for more details and to book tickets.


Choreographer and twice Place Prize finalist, Eva Recacha presents the second Wild Card evening on Thursday 27 March. She curates and presents an evening entitled Dear Devil exploring themes of authority, power, subjugation and rebellion. This programme aims to question our perception of how we relate to one another in different arenas, specifically opening a debate on how the dance world deals with hierarchy and the division of roles between dancers and choreographers. Originally from Spain, Recacha has established herself as an emerging artist with a distinctive voice. She has been commissioned to create work for Edge, DanceXchange, Bloomberg SPACE and the Opera Estate Festival in Veneto.
Recacha’s evening features work from emerging dance makers including the UK premiere of a new duet by Colin, Simon and I; a new film installation and live performance by the collective Dog Kennel Hill Project (Ben Ash, Henrietta Hale and Rachel Lopez de la Nieta) who recently presented Tug on a canal boat at Dance Umbrella 2013; and Recacha’s own 2013 Place Prize piece The Wishing Well, featuring the soloist Martha Passakopoulou.

Review: http://exeuntmagazine.com/reviews/wild-card-eva-recacha-dear-devil/



A video project with Hamish MacPherson. Work in progress.

'Two living beings and six ghostly appearances'
A 2 week research in collaboration with choreographer and dancer Simon Ellis

Touch Wood performance at The Place on the 20th August at 7pm.


Winner of the Audience Prize 25.04.13
Winner of the Audience Prize 23.04.13
Winner of the Audience Prize 17.04.13

Reviews: The Wishing Well at the Place Prize 2013 Finals

The Observer
"Eva Recacha's The Wishing Well is a solo for Martha Pasakopoulou, in which the dancer evokes the fleeting dreams, hopes and prayers of a child. Many of the movements are inchoate, dissolving almost as soon as grasped; there are repetitive tics, sternly and frowningly addressed, and sudden whims, expressed in breezily formless rushes of activity. What Recacha shows us, with precision and the lightest of touches, is that for a child, thought, word and action are one, indivisible."
28 April 2013 by Luke Jennings

The Stage
"A hot contender for the top vote must have been Eva Recacha’s Wishing Well, perhaps the most successful piece of the evening in terms of choreography, character, structure and clarity. Recacha has noticeably put the audience rather than her own intentions first, and has made a piece for them, which allows them into the work and takes them on a journey. The solo work performed by the captivating, open-faced and gorgeous Martha Pasakopoulou is sharp and well formed. She sings, plays jump rope, skips, hops and balances, traversing the space with a child-like guise, sweet, smiley and bouncy-light. We witness the transformation of her character through times tables to the tempestuous teen years, angrily pounding her fists in the air, forming strong opinion, and swaying sensually to the Macarena song. The process from a childish desire to make wishes to a more thorough understanding of the world, but still keeping the need to dream alive, is simple, enchanting, clear and well conceived."
19 April 2013 by Katie Colombus

"Place Prize 2013 final was best of contemporary dance"

"The standout performer of the night was Martha Pasakopoulou, dancing previous finalist Eva Recacha’s The Wishing Well."
19 April 2013 by Keith Watson

"Essentially a fragmented, lively musing on the language, nature and preoccupations of childhood – with more than a dash of Burrows and Fargion-style wordplay – it has an infectiously sunny spring in its step, and yet builds to a surprisingly bittersweet close. Plenty of promise there."
20 April 2013 by Mark Monahan

Inside Dance TV Place Prize Special

Place Prize Shows 17-27th April 2013

Place Prize Interview

The Wishing Well goes to the Finals of the Place Prize
From sixteen semi-finalists, four choreographers now compete to win the most prestigious prize in British dance - The Place Prize sponsored by Bloomberg. 
Martha Pasakopoulou in The Wishing Well by Eva Recacha
The Place Prize Finalists are:
  • Eva Recacha
  • h2dance
  • Riccardo Buscarini
  • Rick Nodine 
Performing to win the coveted prize, the four Place Prize Finalists will return to the Robin Howard Dance Theatre to perform their commissions and face the audience vote and judges in the final stage of the competition. 
Each night, the audience will vote for their favourite performance who will win £1,000.
Our panel of esteemed judges will announce the overall winner, who will win the £25,000 prize, after the final performance onSat 27 April 2013.

(Retrieved from www.theplace.org.uk)

Eva Recacha in theatreVOICE

In the third part of our series on the Place Prize, choreographer and Place Prize finalist Eva Recacha speaks to Diana Damian about her piece The Wishing Well, inhabiting memories real and imagined, and how chemistry can inform dance. The piece is competing in this year’s Place Prize Finals, which was at The Place, Robin Howard Dance Theatre, from 6-22nd September. Recorded at The Place, 22 August 2012.
I wanted to bring something from my history and culture into the piece, and found this concept of the constant need of a third party intriguing.

Eva Recacha Featured by ACE



EASY RIDER (working title) 2014

Commissioned by The Place
Supported through National Lottery by ACE
Supported by O Espaço Do Tempo

Company Workshops in March 2014 at Roehampton University and The Place.

Previews (work in progress):  
21st February 2014 at O Espaço Do Tempo (PT)
12th March 21014 at Roehampton University, London 

25th & 26th April 2014 at the Robin Howard Dance Theatre, London.

THE PLACE PRIZE 2012-13: 'The Wishing Well'

News: The Wishing Well has made it to the Finals.

A 2012 Place Prize commission sponsored by Bloomberg.
The Wishing Well is a space inhabited with dreams. For the person who enters it, it can be full of possibilities or full of rejection. In it, one can devise a thousand strategies to be heard, but in the end, one can only hope.

Robin Howard Dance Theatre
17 Duke's Road WC1H, London

Choreography: Eva Recacha
Performance: Martha Pasakopoulou
Sound Composer: Alberto Ruiz Soler
Lighting Designer/Technical Manager: Gareth Green
Assistant to the Choreographer: Lola Maury

OPERA ESTATE Festival Veneto 2012: Dance in Vila Montorso 'Mermaid's Lullaby'

Villa da Porto diventa il luogo ideale di incontro tra diverse ge-nerazioni coinvolte in un intenso programma di iniziative di danza contemporanea. In scena i risultati di tre progetti di ricerca e creazione condotti da Francesca Foscarini, Eva Recacha e Silvia Gribaudi con Anna Piratti vedono protagonisti, rispettivamente, bambini, giovani danzatori e adulti over 60 del territorio.

Mermaids Lullaby, 2012

Performance 27th July 2012
Vila Da Porto, Montorso Vicentino
Veneto, Italia

Choreography: Eva Recacha
Dance: Tiziana Bolfe Briaschi, Alicia Di Vietri
Giada Meggiolaro, Massimo Simonetto,
Francesca Zenere.

IDFB 2012: 'HOME'

An IDFB commission.
Home is a bold, inventive new production that will animate public spaces across Birmingham city centre.
Directed by Andy Brunskill, the piece is based around the theme of ‘home’ and what it means to each of us. It will be developed using ideas, inspirations and choreographic material contributed by 1000 individuals through workshops, open days, and uploading films online.
Choreographers invited are Gary Clark, Rosie Kay, Eva Recacha and Luca Silvestrini.

Home, part of International Dance Festival Birmingham 2012 (photographer Tim Cross)
Visit the Home Blog, by Assistant Director Valentina Ceschi.


The Wishing Well was commissioned for The Place Prize for dance sponsored by Bloomberg

"I can't wait to see it again in the Finals"
One Stop Arts (Erin Johnson)

A new work to be premiered in 2014. 
Current R&D mentored by Rui Horta. Residencies at the Place and Espaço do Tempo. Supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Bitácora's Book

A collaboration with visual artist Alejandro Ospina. Commissioned for Bloomberg SPACE by Bloomberg LP, 2011. Produced by the Place.

Life and other games I

A collaboration with writer Nana Oforiatta-Ayim exploring the theme of gambling through text and its relationship with movement, looking at notions of faith, certainty and control against those of chance, probability, and risk.
Supported by Choreodrome (The Place)
Begin To Begin: a piece about dead ends

Commissioned for The Place Prize for dance sponsored by Bloomberg

"Highlight of 2011" TimeOut


The world of Punch squeezed into a morning snooze dream:  Motion. Chaos. Speed. Yelling. Hitting. Repeat, repeat, repeat.
A LCDS commission.

"the furious energy of the dancing pours out into the auditorium" londondance.com

Story Lines

Two characters explore different relationships between movement and words, creating a surreal blend of fiction and the ordinary as they try to discover what’s next.
Supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

"executed with pitch perfect precision"
Resolution Reviewshttp://www.evarecacha.com/p/the-wishing-well.html


A site specific work dealing with ideas of boundaries and frontiers. Muro was toured in three different regions in Spain, always performed along a prominent wall in the cities it visited.

Choreography: Eva Recacha
Dance: Linda Remahl, Amanda Recacha, Eva Recacha, Margarita Zafrilla
Music: Jamie Craggs
Photography: Andres Hueso

Aguazero is a site specific work and was created for and performed at Festival Trayectos (2004, Spain). This work promoted the company Proyecto Babel to be on tour with a new production in Festivals Dies de Dansa (El Grec), Lekuz Leku and Trayectos. Aguazero is danced in a 20x20 metres water fountain with live music.

Choreography: Eva Recacha
Performers: Lucia Baumgartner, Constancio Pradas, Amanda Recacha, Eva Recacha
Sound: Lord Sassafras and Constancio Pradas
Text: Cristina Járboles
Photography: HolgerHerbst

Asyla is a solo-collage work; a portrait constructed from memories of different patients in a psychiatric institution in Spain. Asyla has toured in Spain and has had performances in Switzerland and England. It was premiered at Festival Actual (Spain) in 2002.

Choreography and Dance: Eva Recacha
Sound: Jonathan Cole and Eva Recacha
Photography: Simon Richardson ©

Momentos is a duet dealing with themes of companionship, solitude and identity. It presdents us with two characters that seem to be two facets of the same person, going in parallel journeys, bound to one another yet never fully committed to each other. It is a work about the strangeness of your own self to you. It was premiered at Teatro La Estacion (Spain) in 2005.

Choreography: Silvia Aure and Eva Recacha
Dance: Silvia Aure and Eva Recacha
Music: Lord Sassafras
Photography: Alejandro Ospina

me and Max
commissioned by Fundació la Caixa
me and Max was a piece made to be performed alongside a touring exhibiton of Max Ernst's work in Cataluña (2005-06, Spain). The piece was performed to audiences visiting the exhibit, and it was created drawing on the imagery of Ernt's work, and finding a parallel in the creation of movement material with his innovative engraving techniques.

Choreography and Dance: Eva Recacha
Photography: Eva Recacha