I am Eva Recacha, an independent female choreographer who lives and works in London. My choreographic work revolves around notions of power dynamics and the politics of the gaze. I use movement and text in my work, and the relationship between these two layers, both hierarchically and aesthetically, is one of the key aspects of my work. I have been commissioned work for the stage by Sadler’s Wells, The Place, Festival Santa Susana, EDge, and LCDS, as well as site-specific work by DanceXchange, Bloomberg SPACE, Opera Estate Festival Veneto, and Fundació LaCaixa and Trayectos. I was a Place Prize Finalist in 2011 for Begin to Begin: A Piece about Dead Ends, and in 2013 for The Wishing Well, winning the public prize on three occasions. In 2014 I was a recipient of the Marion North Mentoring Award. I have been an associate artist at the Place and a Sadler’s Wells Summer University Artist. My work has appeared in Time Out’s Best of the Year and has been presented in UK and at festivals in Europe. My latest work, commissioned and presented by Sadler’s Wells in 2018, is Aftermath,  a piece dealing with notions of female visibility, value, and power, and the shift in the experience of those after motherhood.