The Picnic

a collaboration with The Yonis

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The Picnic will be a dreamlike celebration: You know it is a celebration all along but you don’t get to the fully fleshed feel of the celebration until the end. Like in Chronicle of a foretold death by G.G. Marquez. The work is not in the discovery of what will come, but in getting there, in uncovering the steps that led to it. In patiently going through the triggers without the shot being fired. And then when you get there, it is maybe not as you had expected it to be. There will be a sense of surreality mixed with familiarity. Of excitement mixed with placidity. Of hectic activity mixed with serenity. Of commonality mixed with oddity.


Political Context: On the third day of us meeting to work in the studio to start developing ideas about for The Picnic March 2021 the body of Sarah Everard was found. Conversations about her, what had happened to her and how we felt about it started appearing. We talked about what we did to feel safe, and how we felt about acting on our fears of becoming a victim. We talked about safety for women. We talked about education, about sexism, about Reclaimthestreets. We talked about the vigils. As I looked at the development of the work, I slowly noticed our gathering found a common endeavour underpinned by this tragedy and how we felt about it. (Eva)

LAVAELO for young audiences

A new R&D has commenced this summer 2020 towards the making of a new dance work for children.

Lola Maury and Eva Recacha begin the creative journey co-produced and commissioned by The Place and supported through Choreodrome.

Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.  Visit our Padlet page to look at the work in progress and get a taste of our project. You can leave feedback and comments on this interactive online platform.

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The Perfect Woman

A solo for Lauren Potter

The Perfect Woman is new dance work on 60yrs old female dancer Lauren Potter, looking at notions of value in relationship to age and gender 

The solo is commissioned by The Place and SED, and it will be presented it Autumn 2021-Spring 2022.

The work will be developed during Spring/Summer 2021.

The Perfect Woman. 2nd day of initial research period at The Place. Work in progress performance. from Eva Recacha on Vimeo.


Creative Team:

Concept/direction: Eva Recacha

Performance: Lauren Potter

Sound Artist: Alberto Ruiz Soler



DUE TO COVID -19 the Spring 2020, Autumn 2020, and Spring 2021 shows of Aftermath have been cancelled.


The 2020 performances of Aftermath, a Sadler’s Wells 20th Anniversary Commission. are supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, and further support from Trinity Laban and Centre 151.




Aftermath is a duet set in limbo, where two women suffer from eternal boredom and lack of acknowledgement. Absurd and humorous, the work is an ode pointlessness.

The piece is conceived as a means to relate to current issues such as the idea of ‘Post-everything’ (post-feminism, post-truth, post-idealism, post-humanism) and what that means to us as individuals with particular experiences of value, justice, agency, or the lack of those.
 In ‘an imagined world’ were the only option is to be resilient, what is our motivation for being so? Is motivation possible in a post-truth era?

Aftermath substitutes the idea of post-truth for the idea of post-time. The characters are dead. No change is possible. No future is waiting. And yet we wish to do something, but what?

The work emerges from experiencing motherhood and the social isolation that can come with it. The piece is not about motherhood, rather about that sense that ‘something is over’, and what then?


Read The Guardian Review of Aftermath’s premiere at the LBS at Sadler’s Well here:



Easy Rider

Easy Rider reflects upon faith, tradition and delusion. Eva Recacha looks at the human compulsion to engage with superstitious beliefs and practices in the pursuit of happiness. Creating a concoction of religion, customs and self-help manuals. In Easy Rider, Eva draws on first-hand observations of ritualistic behaviour in her native Spain. Much like her Place Prize Finals 2013 piece, Easy Rider is a theatrical rite, an unraveling of the pure essence of our need to belong. It reflects our own beliefs and passions in a raw and haunting way.


The Wishing Well


The Wishing Well is a space inhabited with dreams. For the person who enters it, it can be full of possibilitites or full of rejection. In it, one can devise a thousand strategies to be heard, but in the end, one can only hope.
Place Prize Finalist and winner of the Audience prize on three occasions.


Begin to Begin

Eva Recacha’s Begin to Begin: a piece about dead ends sets in motion a rhyme about dying, playing with the idea of mortality to make it profound, yet unfrightening.

The work is based on a dirge; a song for the dead. Recacha creates her own mourning song based on the nonsensical familiar rhyme Michael Finnegan. Michael becomes the figure we mourn, and with him, memories that belong to our childhood are buried and left behind. Michael is a celebration of all that we once had, and his funeral must be joyous, singular and repeated for each of us. (more…)

Story Lines

Story Lines is a dance work that blends movement and text, shifting between the ordinary and the surreal by means of rhythm. The work presents two individuals moving through different loops of material. As if caught in time, they travel in endless circles going back to situations already visited. The rhythmic patterns create a playful platform for them to develop absurd strings of events.
Performed with impeccable precision by dancers Lola Maury and Antonio de la Fe, and drawing on influences such as Beckett, Ionesco, and the films of Buster Keaton, Story Lines indulges in the joy of physical comedy mixed with theatre of the Absurd, in a context that gets darker as the piece goes on.