Is This A Dance?

Photography Rocío Chacón

When you skip down the street or turn on the spot for no reason; when you stamp your feet in rage or throw your arms in the air in joy… Have you ever wondered ‘is this a dance’?

Eva Recacha and Lola Maury of LAVAELO, explore this question by letting their bodies take the lead, and imagination run riot through playful games and endless questions. Expect energetic movements and abrupt pauses, whales, dinosaurs, turning planets and talking computers in absurd situations! with a bit of contemplation on the side.

This is a show for anyone who has ever found joy in mindlessly moving to music like nobody’s watching.

Commissioned and coproduced by The Place. Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Tour Booking 2023/24:,,

The work exists in 2 different versions, English and Bengali, and it is currently being translated into French and Spanish.

Production Credits:

Co-choreographers: Eva Recacha & Lola Maury
Sound design: Alberto Ruiz Soler
Lighting Design: Ben Moon
Set and Costume design: Kate Lane
Performance: Eva Recacha & Lola Maury 
Co-writers: Alberto Ruiz Soler, Eva Recacha, Lola Maury, Michael Crowe
Children’s Voices: Unai Ospina Recacha, Arin Ospina Recacha Education Consultant and Exhibition Curator: Michael Crowe
Production Manager: Chris Burr
Producers: The Place & Lavaleo

2022 Tour:

The Egg Theatre Bath (Bath)
Camden Schools Tour (London)
St Pancras Library (London)
The Place Theatre (London)
Cambridge Junction (Cambridge)

Photography by Camilla Greenwell